Avior Wealth Services (Pty) Ltd is a registered financial services provider and subsidiary of  Avior Capital Markets Holdings Limited, which is a member of the JSE as well as a listed entity on the JSE. Avior Wealth Services offers clients’ comprehensive and holistic solutions to best achieve the investors desired investment objectives based on their individual needs and risk profile with a trusted partner.

People not clients

At Avior Wealth Services, we offer a personal and professional service to investors on a discretionary and non-discretionary basis. We do not see the relationship with investors as a ‘client relationship’ but rather a ‘partner relationship’ where we work together to achieve the investment objectives.

Successful wealth and personal wealth management requires a trusted relationship that is created and nurtured over time where we listen and understand the investors goals, dreams and ambitions.

Each Investor has their own unique goals, ambitions or purpose for saving or investing. Saving for retirement? Saving for their children’s future education? Saving to leave a legacy for their family? Each investor is unique and has their own definition of what a successful investment result would be. This supports why we do not see clients at Avior Wealth; we see individual people who require a personalised professional service.

Complexity becomes Simplicity

Wealth management can often seem complex or intimidating. However, we at Avior Wealth aim to deliver understanding and simplicity in our personalised solutions and ensure that the investor’s journey is an enjoyable and successful one.



Avior Capital Markets (Pty) Ltd

Avior Capital Markets (Pty) Ltd is an independent, globally recognised capital markets research and trading firm. Avior Capital provides in-depth and insightful research in a broad range of equities, as well as fixed income and derivatives in South Africa and Sub-Sharan Africa. The trading services offer both high-touch and electronic access to over 200 institutional clients, providing them with access to 31 equity markets. Avior Capital’s services have been consistently recognised in surveys such as the Financial Mail and the JSE Spire Awards since 2008.

Avior Wealth Services (Pty) Ltd

With Avior Wealth being a part of the same group as the Stockbroking Co, it gives Avior Wealth an advantage as we can leverage off a first class stockbroking and research team which helps us add substantial value to private investors and their investment decisions.


At Avior, we believe that every investor is unique in terms of their personalities, investment objectives and risk profile. For this reason, we feel that each investor should have a portfolio matching their unique qualities. We want the individual portfolios to represent the unique characteristics of each individual. We do not believe in a one size fits all investment approach.

Therefore, our primary objective is to manage the risks of each unique investor so that the potential rewards from the investments exceed those risks. We do not overlook risk to achieve superior investment returns but rather aim to achieve superior investment performance appropriate for the investor’s unique risk profile.

Creating wealth does not merely involve the making of profits but also involves the mitigation of losses so that profits are amplified. We achieve this by identifying opportunities in the market following quality research and skill, and then making the investment accordingly to those opportunities with a long-term view. We believe in patience and trusting the journey.  Good things come to those who wait.

Pillars that drive our philosophy are

  • Clients’ needs and objectives.

  • Appropriate risk management.

  • Identifying investments on the back of quality research.

  • Patient, long-term portfolios.


At Avior Wealth Services, we believe transparency in all aspects of our services offering is imperative to form the essential trusted relationship with the investor. Avior Wealth is an FSP that is regulated by the FSB and complies with all Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act requirements.

Avior Wealth aims to leverage off its Stockbroking sister company (Avior Capital Markets (Pty) Ltd) as much as possible and to ensure efficient and effective processes in order to keep all fees as low as possible for investors. Less fees = more capital gain!

Fees are fully disclosed to all investors prior to the entering of any transaction and it is ensured that investors are aware and fully understand every single fee.

Any fee amendments will be communicated to an investor at least 60 days prior to the amendment.

If you would like to enquire about fees for specific services, please get in contact and a Wealth manager will provide you with such.